What We Do

If you want to recover using the 12 Steps; want to live in a safe and supported house with others who are committed to using the 12 Steps and are willing to be involved in a caring, sharing community, then we could be the right place for you


You can stay for up to 6 months and we will extend that where appropriate.


Our staff deliver support and housing management. We don't provide treatment or personal care. You will be responsible for working your own programme of recovery using the local 12 Step mutual aid fellowship meetings. You will have to attend at least 3 meetings a week as well as a daily group in the house.


We promote a family ethos where all residents cook, clean, eat and enjoy leisure time together. So if you can make a conscious decision to engage in a 12 Step mutual aid community within the house, why not give us a call?


Our Eligibility Criteria are on the page for Professionals. You do need to meet the eligibility test before we can consider you.


You will need someone to refer you but you can contact us by telephone, letter or email. Once we have checked you're eligible we will invite you to visit the house for an assessment.



We will talk to you and ask questions about your drug and alcohol use; past behaviour; current problems and medical issues. We'll carry out a risk assessment with you and we'll explain more about how we work. We'll give you an answer as soon as we can but it may not be straight away.



When you move in we'll explain the house rules and the general timetable. You will then be shown around the project and introduced to the staff on duty and existing residents. Individuals in the house community will buddy you as the need arises.

General medical needs

You will be expected and assisted to register with the local GP practice unless you are currently registered with your own local GP.

Substance misuse screening

You will be required to supply a saliva sample for drug and alcohol screening when you arrive to move in. You will need to pass these tests to be allowed to stay.

Samples for screening may be requested randomly at any time during your stay. Refusal to supply a sample may lead to termination of your stay.

Allocation of key-worker

You will be allocated a key-worker, who will oversee your support plan and you will have one to one sessions with them on a regular basis. All residents are expected to engage in weekly one-one support sessions with their key-worker.


Support plan

A clear written support plan will be developed with you within the first two days after you move in. You will receive a copy of it. The support plan will list the goals and actions in relation to your stay. It will include things like:


  • Any medical interventions;

  • In-depth review of your previous life experiences and the connection with your current drug (and alcohol) related problems;

  • The recovery process;

  • Engagement with the 12 Step mutual aid community

  • Practical issues which may need resolution, such as welfare benefits, making contact with family and relevant professionals.



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